Social Services

Ontario Works (O/W)
(Social Assistance)
181 Main St. W, 3rd Floor
Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y4
To apply for Ontario Works call:
905-546-4800, and press 1
You need the following information:
-    Date(s) of birth
-    Health card and social insurance
-    Citizenship or verification of Canadian status
-    Address, postal code and telephone number
-    Banking information such as account balances and branch details
-    Housing information; landlord name, rental or boarding agreements or leases, mortgage details and contact numbers
-    A list of assets such as a house, car or any investments
-    All other sources of income such as child support payment Pension or earnings
-    School verification for youth over 16 years of age

Career Development Centre
(Ontario Works)
181 Main St. W.
Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y4
905-546-2424 ext. 5208
Free Computer Access and child minding. Applications for and case management of Ontario Works available. Employment counselling and referrals offered.

Catholic Children's Aid Society (CCAS)
735 King St. East
Hamilton, Ontario L8M 1A1
For Child Welfare Protection Concerns or referrals please contact the office by phone.
Telephone: 905-525-2012
Emergency After Hours:
For general inquiries please contact David Shea at

Children’s Aid Society (CAS)of Hamilton
The Poscor Centre for Children & Families
26 Arrowsmith Rd.
Hamilton, ON L8E 4H8
If you are concerned about a child's safety and well-being, call the Society immediately at 905-522-1121 
Mailing address is:
P.O. Box 1170, Depot 1
Hamilton ON L8N 4B9

Dundurn Community Legal Services
Serving Central Hamilton
100 Main St. E
Hamilton, ON L8N 3W7
Tel: 905- 527-4572 

Hamilton Citizenship Office
55 Bay St. N.
Hamilton, ON L8R 3P7
Assists immigrants in acquiring Canadian citizenship. Distributes citizenship materials and supports curriculum development for adults and immigrant citizenship. Promotes citizenship values and encourages Canadians to take pride in their citizenship 

ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) Office
Ministry of CSS, Hamilton Branch
119 King St. W. 2nd Floor, Suite #600
Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y7
905- 521-7280 

St. Joseph’s Immigrant Women’s Centre
8 Main St. E., Suite 101
Hamilton, ON L8N 1E4
The Centre is committed to enabling refugee and immigrant women to discover and build their new futures through skills development and settlement support.

Victoria Park Community Homes
155 Queen St. N.
Hamilton, ON L8R 2V6
Toll Free: 1(866) 780-7275 
Non-Profit Housing. Two and three bedroom apartment units are available