Adult Education


Adult Basic Education Association

35 King St E
Hamilton, ON L8N 4A9

Phone number: 905-527-2222

-    Adult literacy

-    Free information and referrals to adult education and training programs

-    Essential skills assessments

-    Pre-GED testing

-    Learning challenges assessments

-    Organizational training needs assessments

** Must be 16+ years old, out of the public school system to be eligible 

Hamilton Literacy Council
Non-profit, community-based organization

75 Macnab St. S; 3rd Floor

Hamilton, ON L8P 1L3

Phone number: 905-529-9907


-    Provides basic (grade 1 - 5 equivalent) training in reading, writing, and math to English-speaking adults

-    Service is free, private, and one-to-one


St. Charles Adult & Continuing Education Centre

45 Young St
Hamilton, ON L8N 2C8


-    ESL Programs

-    High School Completion

-    Literacy/Math Skills

-    Night School/Summer School

-    International Language

-    Student Success


Victoria Park Community Centre

Not-for-profit community-based organization: Circle of Friends for Newcomers (Hamilton)

155 Queen St. N.
Hamilton, ON L8R 2V6


-    Supportive and welcoming place for immigrants who want to learn English and get involved with their neighbourhood

-    English classes/Language training

-    LINC child care

-    Senior's program for people of South East Asian origin

-    Escort services

-    Job counselling and referral

-    Advocacy 

-    Community development

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm

September - June

Eligibility: Adult immigrants & refugee; LINC eligible children of attending parents (aged 6 months to 5 years old)

Elementary and Secondary Schools

(Listed by school boards)


Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

100 Main St. W.

P.O. Box 2558

Hamilton ON, L8N 3L1



Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Trustee

Judith Bishop

Ward 1Chair of the Board

Chair's Office: 905-527-5092 x 2279



Elementary Schools


Strathcona Public School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5

10 Lamoreaux St.

Hamilton, ON L8R 1V1



-    The “Main” program - traditional school program

-    The SAGE (Scholastics, Arts and Global Education) program – city wide enriched program


Hess Street Public School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8

107 Hess St. N.

Hamilton, ON L8R 2T1

905- 527-1439

The school has a diverse ethnic and cultural population, with students from over 30 countries, speaking over 35 different languages.

-    ESL classes

-    Team teaching


Earl Kitchener Junior Public School

Junior Kindergarten to grade 5

French Immersion

300 Dundurn St. S

Hamilton, ON L8P 2L4



Middle School


Ryerson Middle School

Grade 6 to Grade 8

French Immersion

222 Robinson St.

Hamilton, ON L8P 1Z8


-    A dual track school (teaches French Immersion and English)

-    SAGE quest is offered here as well

-    ESL support

-    Special classes where those identified can receive academic support


Secondary Schools


Parkview Secondary School

60 Balsam Ave.

Hamilton ON, L8L 6Y3

Phone Number: 905-545-5879

-    A credit granting Vocational Pathways Program that prepares student for the transition to the workplace


Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School

Grade 9 – 12

130 York Blvd

Hamilton, ON, L8R 1Y5


-    ESL pathways

-    Special Art Program

-    WOW - World of Work

-    Restaurant Hospitality Pathway

-    Web Design and Computer Game Design Technologies

-    Applied Design - Portfolio Program

-    Team Games Sport-Specific Program

-    Native Studies and Arts Program


Westdale Secondary School

Grade 9 - 12

French Immersion

700 Main St. W.

Hamilton ON, L8S 1A5


-    Congregated classes for enriched programming in English, Mathematics and Science

-    French Immersion Program

-    Music Strings Program

-    Specialized Course Packages include: Apprentice-Carpentry, Industrial Woodworking Technology  Healthy Active Living Physical Education Focus courses:  Outdoor Education 

-    Personal Fitness/Rhythm and Movement

-    Court Sports 

-    Visual Arts Focus courses: Ceramics, Interior Design, Photography, Art History, Illustration, Applied Design 

-    Multimedia Courses: • Media Art • Multimedia: Developing a Digital Voice

-    Forensic Accounting 


Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

90 Mulberry St.

Hamilton, ON.

L8N 3R9


24/7 Emergency Telephone


Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board Trustee

Ward 1 and 2

Mr. Mark Valvasori


Elementary Schools


Canadian Martyrs School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8

1355 Main St W

Hamilton, ON L8S 2Z8

905- 522-8071

Catholic students from this area are bused to school

St Josephs Separate School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8

French Immersion

270 Locke St S

Hamilton, ON L8P 4C1



Secondary Schools


Cathedral High School

Grade 9 - 12

French Immersion

30 Wentworth St. North

Hamilton, ON L8L 8H5

905- 522-3581


St. Mary's Separate School

Grade 9 - 12

200 Whitney Avenue

Hamilton, ON L8S 2G7



Catholic Francophone Schools


Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre-Sud (CSDCCS)

52 Pearl St S

Hamilton, ON L8P 3W8







Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud

Région de Hamilton-Wentworth

Marcel Levesque

1-888-388-8559, poste 111


École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame (maternelle à la 8e)

400, avenue Cumberland

Hamilton, ON L8M 2A2


Direction: Diane Tarantino


École secondaire Académie catholique Mère-Teresa (9e à la 12e)

50, cour Lisgar

Hamilton, ON L8T 4Y4


Direction: Joanne Leblanc-Holden


Conseil Scolaire De District Du Centre-Sud- Ouest

Ecole Elementaire Pavilion De La Jeunesse

105 High St

Hamilton, ON, L8T 3Z4



Conseil scolaire de district Centre-Sud-Ouest

Micheline Wylde

Brant. Halton et Hamilton-Wentworth et la partie de Niagara: Grimsby, Lincoln, 

Lincoln Ouest, Niagara-on-the-Lake et St. Catharines



Ecole Secondaire Georges-P-Vanier

100 Macklin St. N

Hamilton, ON L8S 3S1